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Educabay is a revolutionary e-learning platform offering Book as Service with an extensive choice of academic and course materials

    An academic hub for students,
    built by experienced alumni.

    The first solution based on fair use & fair pay system.
    The freedom of studying at any time, anywhere without costly binding fees.

    Cost effective

    At the heart of Educabay’s technology lies a system where users are only charged for the contents read


    No hassle e-learning system compared to other EdTech market players.

    Freedom of studying

    Easily access and read contents on all types of computer and mobile devices.

    The first artificial intelligence
    serving users

    To accelerate and to facilitate
    access to universal knowledge

    • Pay only what is actually read ;
    • Encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge among all actors ;
    • To guarantee quality certified contents ;
    • To guarantee the protection of personal data.

    A diversified offer of
    digital contents

    • academic e-books,
    • reading e-books,
    • digital papers,
    • scientific articles,
    • Accessible on a screen including offline.

    Educabay does not offer any subscription but allows everyone to study and to read books at any time throughout their life (Long Life Learning).

    A multifunctional academic hub

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    Simply create an account with email and password
    to access all free contents.


    If you're interested in some paid content, charge credit
    to your account and start to read.


    With your Prepay account, Educabay Artificial Intelligence
    will be responsible for remunerating copyright by levying only
    for passages that you have actually read.


    For those who prefer to keep a printed copy, order it directly
    on Educabay in a few clicks.

    Access all contents

    Read and be informed

    Create a list of readings

    Create one or more library

    Stay up-to-date
    on new added contents based
    on your area of interest and field of activity.

    Share readings
    with friends

    Write personal notes

    Create customized
    summaries of books

    Exclusive access

    Be informed as soon as it's avalaible.

    Knowledge is the driving force behind innovation

    Through its technological and human commitment to the heart of the academic world, Educabay aims to increase and perpetuate unlimited access to universal knowledge.

    The Hub

    Educabay is a universal quality knowledge hub featuring free, royalty-free contents and paid-for contents subject to copyright. Personal data of users on the platform is encrypted. Nobody else can read personal data of the users except the users themselves, and Educabay commited not to sell or to use any of these information for advertising purposes. Only the built-in artificial intelligence system of Educabay collects, processes and encrypts the data of users for the sole purpose of running platform.

    An open and global vision

    Imagine that in the near future everyone can access easily high quality universal academic knowledge regardless of their socio-economic conditions, professions, races, family occupations, availablibilities, interests and ambitions ... Imagine that everyone can easily progress their knowledge at their own pace, following their personal or professional needs, without having to invest too much of money. It’s to this vision of openness and universalism to which Educabay tries to confer a tangible response.

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